South Korean coach Ahn Joon-ho secures thrilling comeback victory “With the heart of a broken heart…”

Pabu Chimjoo. It is a lion’s name for breaking a pot of rice and sinking a boat on the way home. It means to fight with desperation.

The South Korean men’s basketball team, led by head coach Ahn Jun-ho, won 85-84 against Japan on Friday at Ariake Arena in Tokyo.

The South Koreans led 72-52 after three quarters and looked to have a comfortable victory, but a sudden drop in stamina in the fourth quarter allowed their opponents to take the lead. However, the players stayed focused to the end, and Lee Jung-hyun’s tying mid-range jumper and Ha Yoon-ki’s game-winning free throws gave Korea a thrilling one-point comeback victory 파워볼사이트 추천 in enemy territory.

Coach Ahn Jun-ho said, “We had very little time to train and the players’ physical fitness was not yet up to par, but I’m proud of the way they overcame the enormity of the Korea-Japan game with their spirit and determination. In the last quarter, our players were physically outclassed. In the third quarter, our promised defense worked well, but in the fourth quarter, we ran out of energy and allowed them to catch up. To come from behind to win and then to come back and win again will be a valuable experience for our young players,” said the head coach.

The South Koreans had prepared a pressing defense in preparation, but as Ahn said, they were unable to use it to its full potential due to the team’s lack of fitness.

“It’s true that we prepared a pressing defense, but as you saw in the game, our physical strength decreased in the second half, so we had to play a half-court pressing defense instead of the one we prepared,” Ahn said.

Despite the win, Ha played the most minutes for South Korea on the night with 29 minutes and 50 seconds. With the team in desperate need of a backup big man, Lee Won-seok and Lee Doo-won had some shaky performances.

Ahn agreed. “It’s clear that Ha Yoon-ki is the pillar of our men’s basketball team. So big men like Lee Won-seok and Lee Doo-won need to grow up and share the playing time. I think they should play a good backup role,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jun-ho has been a coach who often utilizes the lion’s name. When asked if there was a phrase that summarized the game, Ahn said, “I think of the phrase ‘pabu chimju’. It means not thinking about coming back. We played this game with that spirit.”

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