Africa TV, Official Broadcaster of the LCK, Hosts Drops Event

AfreecaTV announced on Tuesday (July 17) that it has expanded its LCK Watch Drops offer, which will provide users who tune in to the official Korean coverage of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea Spring Split (2023 LCK Spring) with generous prizes.

First, starting today, Wednesday, April 18, the 2023 LCK Spring kicks off with the LCK Watch Drops event, which offers a variety of prizes for those who watch the matches on Africa TV. Drops are in-game gifts, early access, and other perks for watching certain broadcasts. As long as you’re logged in to Africa TV and watching an official LCK broadcast, you’ll be randomly selected to receive a Drops prize without any requirements or entry process.

The Drops prizes are made up of League of Legends (LoL) in-game prizes. A total of 9,300 Magician Chests, key sets, and 240 in-game skins will be tiered as the league progresses, and can be won simply by participating in the 2023 LCK Spring broadcast on Africa TV. In the opening week, 200 cultural vouchers will be given away via Drops to purchase in-game items.

There will also be an Africa TV Esports match prediction event. Fans who predict the wins and losses of all registered brackets on the Africa TV Esports page will be automatically entered into the event. Various event prizes will be awarded, including a chicken gift certificate for each weekly participant, an iPad Pro for the first-round winner, and a MacBook Air for the second-round winner for users with high participation rates and prediction accuracy.

In addition, one user with the best hit rate throughout the entire season, including Rounds 1 and 2, will receive a travel voucher worth KRW 3 million to support their trip to the 2023 LoL Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), an international competition to be held in London in May.

Meanwhile, in January, during the LCK Spring, Africa TV Games & eSports will give away LCK tickets (2 per person) every Saturday as a social media event on ‘Freeka’, the official Instagram account of Africa TV Games & eSports. 카지노사이트 Then, in February, LCK tickets will be given away as a live gem prize that users can apply for through gems while watching the official 2023 LCK Spring broadcast every week.

For more information on how to watch the official 2023 LCK Spring broadcast and participate in related events, please visit the Africa TV Esports page and Precacak.

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