Li Shangfu-Kissinger meeting discusses war’s lack of meaningful results.

Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have met to highlight the need for a stable development of U.S.-China relations.

“Sino-US relations remain in the most difficult situation since the establishment of diplomatic relations due to the unwillingness of some people in the United States to face and move forward with China,” Li told Kissinger in Beijing today (Nov. 18), according to the Chinese Ministry of Defense. “The reality that the two countries are interdependent has been ignored, the history of cooperation and win-win has been distorted, and the atmosphere of friendly communication has been destroyed.”

“We remain committed to building a stable, predictable and constructive Sino-U.S. relationship,” he said, adding that the United States hopes to work with China to realize the common understanding between the two leaders and jointly promote the healthy and stable development of relations between the two countries and their militaries.”

The common understanding between the two leaders is likely referring to the five-point statement issued after the U.S.-China summit in Bali, Indonesia, last November, such as “not pursuing anti-China through strengthening alliances” and “not supporting Taiwan independence.

Former Secretary of State Kissinger emphasized that he was visiting as a friend of China, saying, “History and experience have shown that neither the United States nor China can afford to antagonize the other.” He emphasized that there should be no war.

He emphasized that there should be no war.

“If there is a war between the two countries, it will not bring any meaningful results for the people of the two countries,” Kissinger said, adding that the militaries of the two countries should do their best to enhance communication to bring about positive results for the development of bilateral relations.

Li is currently under U.S. sanctions for illegally purchasing fighter jets and air defense missile systems from Russia.

Some observers believe that until Li’s sanctions are resolved, 먹튀검증 it will be difficult for the U.S. and Chinese defense ministers to communicate properly.

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