Portal ‘Next’ Asian Games cheer page controversy

Soccer quarterfinals, at one point 91% cheer for China
President’s office, ruling party “need to find out the truth”
Daum “Unnecessary misunderstanding service suspended”

At the time of the soccer quarterfinal match between South Korea and China at the Hangzhou

Asian Games in China, the number of supporters for the Chinese team was overwhelmingly

higher than that of the South Korean team on the Hangzhou Asian Games support page of the

portal site Daum, causing controversy. The President’s office and the ruling party agreed on the

need to investigate the matter immediately, and the Korea Communications Commission saw

the issue as directly related to the “social responsibility of portals” and requested Daum to

submit relevant data. The National People’s Power decided to conduct a thorough verification in

this national audit. “We understand that Kakao is also considering requesting an investigation

from an investigative agency to resolve the suspicions surrounding this matter,” said a key official at the passport.

Daum said in a notice on its website on February 2, “Recently, there have been cases of abusing

the purpose of ‘click cheer’ and causing unnecessary misunderstanding, so the service will be

suspended for the time being.” Click Cheer is a service that allows anyone to easily cheer while

watching a sports event without having to log in. There is no limit to the number of times a person can cheer for the same team. 카지노사이트랭크

The incident occurred during the Asian Games soccer quarterfinals on Aug. 1. Clicks to support

China on the following cheer page accounted for 91% of all cheer clicks at one point. Even at 10

p.m. after the game, the percentage of support for China was 55%, which was higher than the

number of supporters for South Korea. At the same time, the percentage of support for China

on Naver’s support page was only 10%. Next, anyone can click to cheer without logging in, while Naver requires logging in to cheer.

Representative Park Sung-joong,

A member of the National Assembly’s Committee on Science, Technology, Information,

Broadcasting and Telecommunications, held a press conference on March 3 and said, “It can be

seen that certain Chinese forces have been involved in Korean portals.” “We can even suspect

North Korea’s involvement in bypassing Chinese Internet addresses (IPs),” he said. “We have requested the following parties to submit materials, and if necessary, we may consider conducting on-site inspections,” a key NOC official said.

An official from the presidential office also met with reporters on the same day, saying, “I understand that the public is concerned that public opinion is being distorted. There is validity to their concerns.” “If there is an attempt to influence the election by creating pro-China public opinion, it is a threat to democracy,” another presidential office official said.

Kakao declined to comment on the possibility of Chinese manipulation, saying that it was “investigating whether anything is amiss.” 섯다

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