Arrest warrant issued for medical student for allegedly killing girlfriend after breakup

A medical student, only identified by his surname Choi, shows up for an arrest warrant hearing on charges of murdering his girlfriend at the Seoul Central District Court, Wednesday. Yonhap

A Seoul court on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for a medical student on charges of killing his girlfriend in Seoul earlier this week for allegedly breaking up with him.The 25-year-old, identified only by his surname Choi, who goes to a prestigious medical school in Seoul, was arrested without warrant on Monday for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend to death on the rooftop of a building in southern Seoul around 5 p.m. on Monday.The Seoul Central District Court issued the warrant after questioning the suspect earlier in the day, citing a flight risk.

Upon arriving at the court with his face covered by a cap and mask, Choi had said he was “sorry” when asked by reporters if he has anything to say to the bereaved family. He remained silent on questions asking the motive of his crime, or if he had premeditated the murder.Choi is known to have entered medical school after getting a perfect score on his college entrance exam.On Monday, police showed up at the scene following a report that a man was trying to jump off the roof and talked him out of it. They revisited the scene after the man cnfessed that he had left a bag with medicine there and found his girlfriend’s body.Choi allegedly premeditated the crime by purchasing a knife two hours beforehand at a supermarket in Hwaseong, 45 kilometers south of Seoul. During earlier questioning by the police, Choi said he committed the crime because she told him 메이저 she wanted to break up.

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