GS Caltex Replaces Asia Quarter for the Third Time

GS Caltex Replaces Asia Quarter for the Third Time… Recruitment of Outside Heater from Thailand

Women’s professional volleyball GS Caltex welcomed its fourth Asian quarter player for the 2023-2024 season.

GS Caltex announced that it had released Philippine setter Iris Tolenada and recruited Thai striker Darin Pinsuwan (registered name: Darin).

Darin, who can play both an outside hitter and an abusive spiker, played 15 seasons in the Thai league and played as a member of the national team in the 2022 Volleyball Nations League (VNL) and the 2023 Southeast Asian Games. 파워볼게임

Last year, as a member of Supreme Chonburi, he was invited to the Gumi-Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament and played on Korean courts.

Pinsuwan scored 18 points (attack success rate 35.42%) against IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and 10 points (attack success rate 34.62%) against GS Caltex in the group stage.

GS Caltex explained the background of the recruitment, saying, “We want to renew the team atmosphere by strengthening the outside heater resources,” and “It is the result of the club’s will to provide full support to the players until the end and achieve a change in atmosphere in order to advance to the postseason.”

4th place GS Caltex (45 points, 16 wins, 13 losses) recently lost its 3rd place to CheongKwanJang (47 points), and is being followed closely by 5th place IBK Industrial Bank (43 points).

Darin is scheduled to arrive in the country on the 20th and join the team immediately.

In June of last year, GS Caltex parted ways with outside hitter Medi Yoku (Indonesia), whom it had selected in the draft, for team tactical reasons, and a month later, setter Soraya Pomla (Thailand) left the team due to personal reasons.

Tolenada, who was brought in to replace Pomla, was notified of replacement after being pushed out of the competition for the starting role this season and only appearing in 3 games and 4 sets in the first round.

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