Who begged for “money” from ‘Pink Dream 175’ Kim Yeon-kyung?

TeeCast-E Channel’s special feature ‘Pink Dream 175,’ which chronicled the 175-day journey of the Pink Spiders, the team of ‘volleyball emperor’ Kim Yeon-kyung, concluded its broadcast on the 31st.

In ‘Pink Dream 175,’ a documentary about the 175 days of the Pink Spiders specially organized by TeeCast and E Channel, the program highlighted the players who showed various activities in the Pink Spiders. First, Willow Johnson, the daughter of ‘MLB legend’ Randy Johnson, successfully made her dream Korean volleyball debut with the Pink Spiders.

Kim Yeon-kyung was initially distanced by Willow’s pink hair and tattoos, saying, “Isn’t that a bit much?” but Willow quickly warmed up to the team with her outspoken emotions and energy. “I thought she was an elephant,” Park Hyun-joo, an apogee, defined Willow by saying, “She screams and fights like that,” while Lee Won-jung, a setter, praised her effect, saying, “Our team was dark and tired, but Willow’s brightness definitely changed the team’s energy.

With the team’s spirits lifted, Willow formed a perfect triangle with outside hitter Reina and Kim Yeon-kyung in her debut match to help the team win. “It was a game where I felt like our movement was faster,” Kim said. On the court, Willow destroyed the opposing team with her powerful offense, but off the court, she was the cutest member of the team as she repeatedly asked Kim Yeon-kyung for money.

‘Captain’ Kim Mi-yeon shared her love story with her husband, who she met through volleyball, and revealed their honeymoon routine. Kim Mi-yeon was seen drinking coffee in her husband’s car and being pampered by him. However, on the court, Kim Mi-yeon revealed another side of her as a captain. “Mi-yeon’s serve is really tricky,” said Park Eun-seo, the setter. She can hit really hard, but she can also hit a serve that comes out of nowhere, which is really cool,” Park said, expressing his admiration. When things didn’t go her way, Kim Mi-yeon said, “I didn’t fulfill my captain’s duties…I’m upset,” and shed a tear, showing that the weight of captaincy is not easy.

After a game of cheers and tears, the Pink Spiders unfortunately finished the regular season in second place behind Hill State. With only one point separating them from Hill State, the players’ disappointment was even greater. “We couldn’t win the championship because of one point, so I was thinking about that one 토토 point a lot,” said “Dig Queen” Kim Hae-ran. “Outside hitter” Kim Da-eun said, “We didn’t take the chances we could have, so… we decided to prepare for the playoffs with no regrets and to be strong.

With a 100 percent chance of advancing to the championship match for the winner of the first round of the playoffs, tensions were high among the players. Kim Yeon-kyung said, “The playoffs are bloodier than the championship game,” and ‘middle blocker’ Kim Na-hee said, “It’s bloody. It’s a little more intense than the regular season, and it’s not a friendly atmosphere.” In an intense match, the Pink Spiders won the first game and finished the playoffs with two wins and one loss to reach the championship match.

However, they fell short in the championship game and were crowned champions by Hill State. The Pink Spiders finished the season in second place in the final standings. “I cried because I always think it’s the last time,” said Kim Hae-ran, who couldn’t stop her tears, while Reyna said she was “upset” and also shed a tear. With the fans comforting them, the players swallowed their tears and said goodbye. Kim Yeon-kyung said, “One point, one point selection, concentration… I lacked those things. I try to regret less because I did my best, but the situation that I couldn’t finish… I think those things will remain in my memory in the future,” Kim said, reflecting on the season.

‘Pink Dream 175’ also provided a behind-the-scenes look at the people who are busy off the court. In-stadium announcer Kim Jong-duk, music sampler Kim Je-hyun, cheerleader Lee Beom-hyung, and the cheerleading squad were the main 메이저 토토사이트 characters. They were working hard in their respective positions for the players and the fans of the 7th member. The fans and players were able to play as one, and Kim Mi-yeon said, “The fans are just as eager as we are, and sometimes you can hear it in their voices and it gives you goosebumps.” Kim Hae-ran also shared that the fans’ support has been a great support for the players, saying, “The energy just comes up.”

‘Pink Dream 175’ also spotlighted the young players who will lead the Pink Spiders in the future, including Park Soo-yeon, who received Kim Yeon-kyung’s special compliment of a “slap on the back,” Park Hye-jin, coach Marcello Abondanza’s new weapon, Jung Jung-jin, who is known for her high jump and strong offense, and the youngest player, Seo Chae-hyun, who just made her debut. These players have made their presence felt during the 2023-2024 season, making the next season even more exciting.

‘Pink Dream 175’ concluded its journey with the sixth episode, which captured everything from the crises of the Pink Spiders to the heartwarming moments of cheers and the daily lives of the players that you can’t see anywhere else.


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