Beginning in 2024, PAGCOR will debut its own online casino under the Casino Filipino brand.

It appears the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) finally has time to spare and put its plans into action after experiencing numerous problems with the offshore operators related to fighting crime and finally succeeding in increasing its gaming income after the pandemic. The regulator will debut its own online casino at the start of 2024.

New online adventure:

The regulator made the decision to make its plans public on Thursday, July 20. Players from all around the world will be able to enjoy some of the most well-liked games on the website when it launches under the renowned Casino Filipino brand.

In order to make the entire gaming experience as similar to that of a land-based casino as feasible, PAGCOR plans to debut the online casino in the first quarter of 2024. The regulator will make use of virtual reality-based technology to accomplish this. The entire gaming experience will be as reminiscent as feasible of the conventional land-based one because the players will be able to take in the sights and sounds of the actual casinos.

“It will allow players to interact with the digital counterparts of traditional casino games,” stated Alejandro Tengco, CEO and Chairman of PAGCOR. Additionally, it will go beyond geographical limits and allow people from all over the world to communicate and interact in virtual spaces. It can connect with a global audience and develop a presence in online gaming communities. Additionally, it will present a chance to enter new markets and expand its clientele.

Tengco, according to the source, is confident that the growth of the online casino will be extremely advantageous to the market as a whole since the revenue will be higher and it will enable the market to reach new clients and further expand. Additionally, the costs required for this project will be minimal in comparison to the casinos that are currently open, thus the cost reduction won’t be insignificant.

It is still unclear whether PAGCOR will continue with its goal to sell its casinos in the future and give it to the company, or if it will become the owner of

New adjustments and improvements:

In the future, PAGCOR will put more effort into modernizing its slot machine operations to keep up with the market’s expansion. 3,500 outdated devices will be swapped out for new ones as part of the initial work that has already started. In addition to the machines, PAGCOR will work on the creation of IT programs and systems to enhance the regulator’s Casino Management System.

According to Tengco, “this will play a pivotal role in improving PAGCOR’s casinos in terms of operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, facilitating real-time reporting and analytics, ensuring security and fraud prevention, 토토사이트 optimizing financial management, and streamlining compliance requirements.”

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