The New Casino and Hotel May Be Coming to Termas del Arapey, a Popular Tourist Location in Uruguay

A new casino might open shortly in Salto, Uruguay’s little tourist town of Termas del Arapey. If allowed, the new casino will be fantastic for the nation as it will contribute to Uruguay being an even more attractive tourist destination.

Benefits for the whole area:

According to Salto’s mayor, Andrés Lima, the administration is already working on the new casino and getting everything ready for construction to start. Although the plans have not yet been finalized, they do include the well-known tourist site Termas del Arapey, which will increase the area’s tourism potential.

However, the project’s funding is currently the main concern. According to Lima, the government is attempting to raise money for the project from individual investors. The source claims that the Ministry of Tourism is attempting to raise money from investors interested in financing the construction of a hotel, water park, and casino space on the property.

The fact that it will create a variety of jobs for the locals is another factor supporting the need for the new property in the neighborhood. Since there are young people who are still unemployed and searching for jobs, which will be supplied to them through the new casino and hotel, the public and the government are looking forward to it.

This is the first time the nearby casino has been mentioned. The Arapey Municipal Hotel site would become the new water park, it was announced in April 2023. The public was subsequently made aware that the hotel, which had been shuttered since the pandemic, would be given to a private business in order to construct the water park. Up until today, nothing has been spoken about the casino.

Huge plans for the future:

Numerous casinos in Uruguay have recently undergone renovations. One of them is the recently purchased San Rafael Hotel in Punta del Este by the Cipriani Group. The hotel, which had been shuttered since 2011, was impressively purchased in February 2018 for restored than US$40 million. The renovations are currently being worked on.

But the government is also making great efforts to develop new hotels and casinos across the nation. A new hotel and casino resort was just announced by the secretary of the Uruguayan presidency. The new building will be located in the city of Paysand and have a US$22 million estimated value.

According to Renzo Monzeglio, the undersecretary of tourism, 고스톱 a casino is anticipated to be reopened in Colonia as well, and the tender is anticipated to be held soon.

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