Colin Bellho’s final score is?”The 59th edition of the Women’s World Cup Proto Record Ceremony was released

Sports Toto Korea, a trustee of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, will launch the 59th proto-record ceremony at 2 p.m. on the 17th (Monday), a game that answers the final results of the Korean national team at the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup.

The proto-recording ceremony is a game to guess specific factors that may occur in the game, such as the final score, score difference, and winner of the target game, and the 59th record ceremony for the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup to be held on the 20th (Thursday) is a prize to guess in anticipation of the “final performance of the Korean women’s soccer team.”

The 59th proto-record ceremony will be available from 2 p.m. on July 17 (Monday) to 10:50 a.m. on July 25 (Tue), and you can choose one of the seven voting items (winner, runner-up, quarterfinals, 16th, third place in the group stage, and fourth place in the group stage) with dividends in anticipation of the final performance of the Korean women’s soccer team.

Colin Bellho, who will compete in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup between Australia and New Zealand, will play all three Group H matches in Australia. Starting with the match against Colombia at 11 a.m. on the 25th (Tuesday), they will meet Morocco on the 30th (Sunday) and Germany on the 3rd (Thursday) of next month.

In this tournament, Colin Bellho set his goal above the quarterfinals, but it is first to advance to the round of 16 by finishing second in the group. The best women’s World Cup performance ever was the round of 16 in Canada (2015) and was eliminated in the group stage in France (2019) and the United States (2003). Among the three group matches, the first match against Colombia is expected to be the most important watershed for advancing to the round of 16.

This is because the match against Germany (FIFA Ranking No. 2), the third game, is likely to be the most difficult group match. Therefore, if South Korea, ranked 17th in the FIFA rankings, can easily win its first match against Colombia (25th in the FIFA rankings), it can lead to a series of wins against Morocco (72nd in the FIFA rankings), which has the weakest objective power, and a green light can be turned on to pass the round of 16.

Since the 59th proto-record ceremony can participate in the game 10 minutes before South Korea’s first group match, it is expected to be closer to the mark if the final result is predicted while comprehensively checking the tactics each team will use and the condition of key players.

Customers who accurately predict the performance of the Korean women’s soccer team at the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup after the announcement of the hit result can receive a refund according to the dividend rate indicated on the purchase receipt. However, it should be noted that even if the same voting item is purchased, the refund dividend rate may vary depending on the time of purchase, and if even a single game of the Korean economy is invalidated depending on the situation, the voting right may be refunded.

In addition, the 58th proto-recording ceremony related to the World Cup will be released from 2 p.m. on the 17th (Monday). The 58th round is for matches from other countries other than South Korea, and you can participate by guessing the final scores of New Zealand-Norway (I), Australia-Ireland (J), Nigeria-Canada (K), and the Philippines-Switzerland (L).

Meanwhile, detailed schedules and game methods for the 59th proto-record ceremony for the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup can be found on the Sports Toto website and the official online release site Betman, and detailed analysis of the World Cup can be found on the Toto Guide page in Batman.


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