Messi joins Miami… Owner Beckham: “My dream has come true”

Messi, join Miami… Beckham owner “dream come true”

Lionel Messi, the “God of Soccer,” has finally joined Inter Miami, an American professional football team.
Co-owner David Beckham rejoiced, saying, “My dream has come true.

Messi’s name is written with lacquer spray, and Messi appears over the ground wearing a pink uniform with number 10.

<Messi> “Yes, everyone. See you in Miami.”

Messi joined Inter Miami of the American professional soccer MLS.

His contract is for two years, until 2025.

“I am very excited to continue my career in the United States and Miami,” said Messi. “It is a fantastic opportunity.”

The club welcomed Messi by releasing a song they had created for him.

<Lyrics> “Welcome, Messi. This is your new home.”

Messi, whose contract expired after playing for Paris Saint-Germain for two years, declared a move to Miami last month, and only an official announcement remained of his joining this time.

Messi arrived in Miami ahead of his announcement, where he was even spotted shopping with his family.

While he was leaving the restaurant, he was even kissed on the cheek by a male fan.

Co-owner David Beckham was also excited about Messi’s joining.

Beckham waited for Messi to come while painting directly on Messi’s large mural, and with the announcement of his joining, he expressed overwhelming emotions, saying, “I realized my dream of recruiting great players by creating a new team in Miami 10 years ago.” paid

world Cup Winning,

The American stage debut of ‘God of Soccer’ is expected to be this week at the earliest.


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