Park Joon Young achieves 9 consecutive wins for popularity.

Everyone pointed to the sky as the ball sailed high.

Park Jun-young got the final out, completing Doosan’s nine-game winning streak.

The July sweep.

At the center of it all was Park Jun-young, the number nine on the roster.

Last weekend, he hit his first home run and triple of the season, leading to an eight-game winning streak with a cycling hit.

Yesterday, he made it nine in a row with a game-winning hit.

[Park Jun-young/Dusan]
“The players did a good job, but I think I can continue this winning streak because of the fans’ support. I’d like to give credit to the fans for today’s (Dec. 12) win more than I did well.”

On steady infield defense.

To the razor-sharp base running.

All in just four games of promotion to the first team that no one expected.

[Park Jun-young/Dusan]
“I have some baggage, I don’t know the way.”

Eight years into his professional career.

Park Jun-young’s life has been tumultuous.

He was the first pitcher selected by the NC in 2016 with high expectations.

After undergoing Tommy John surgery, he chose to enlist in active duty.

Elbow pain forced him to switch to hitting after his enlistment.

[Park Jun-young/Dusan]
“When I switched from a pitcher to a fielder, I think (I) Sung-bum had his older brother, coach Son Si-heon, and most of the seniors, juniors, managers, 먹튀검증 and coaches I played with in NC helped me.”

Park Jun-young, who donned a Doosan jersey this year as compensation for Park Se-hyuk, stood out in the Futures League and saw the light as a replacement for Heo Kyung-min.

[Park Jun-young/Doosan]
“I’ll try to be as popular as (Yang) Chanyeol.”

Park Jun-young is looking beyond the nine-game winning streak, determined to contribute to the team’s victory without taking anything for granted.

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