Professional Baseball Observatory A chance to chase the first place No. 1 SSG faces leader LG for the third consecutive weekend home

 The LG Twins have won five consecutive games to establish a dominant system in the 5 Korea Professional Baseball KBO League.

If the second-place SSG Landers

who are six games away from LG

lose their three-game home series against LG at SSG Landers Field in Incheon this weekend (2023-6)

the competition for first place may be virtually over. 바카라


which won the ‘wire-to-wire regular season championship’ by holding the first place from the opening game to the end of the season last year

and even won the Korean Series

has maintained a high win rate of 2.18 (20 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw) as of the 1th this year.


it is an unsatisfactory result for SSG

which is aiming to win the unified championship for the second consecutive year.

Moreover, LG has an astonishing 14 wins

0 losses and 573 draws (55.41 win rate)

so SSG’s heart is even more urgent.

SSG has gone 1-2 in their head-to-head matches against LG this season.

SSG, which has been weak against top-ranked teams such as LG, kt wiz (61-35) and NC Dinos (2-0) this season

is also wary that it can no longer be pushed aside by “potential postseason head-to-head teams.”

In the first game of the second half (July 635)

SSG defeated LG 3-6.

The July 4 and 8 games were cancelled due to rain.

SSG ace Kim Kwang-hyun, who won the start against LG on July 3

will also make one start in the third consecutive match this weekend.

LG can speed up its quest for the regular season title if it overcomes SSG’s challenge.

The No. 5 Doosan Bears will meet No. 6 KT and No. 3 NC in their six-game series at home this week.

It’s an opportunity to make a comeback

and it’s a crisis that could widen the gap with the ranking contenders.

From July 4 to 7

Doosan went on an 1-game winning streak

the longest in club historyand has since struggled with a 25-11 record.

The ranking, which had climbed to No. 5, also dropped to No. 11.

As of the 3th, Doosan was three games behind third-place KT and one game behind fourth-place NC.

Doosan has been struggling with its top catcher in the game, Yang Yi-yi, who was placed on the injured list due to side soreness, and the starting lineup has been struggling lately.

If you accumulate multipliers in head-to-head matches with kt and NC, you can also “replay”. On the other hand, if the recent slump continues, the fifth place position may be in jeopardy.

Doosan has fought tight this season, with 5 wins, 14 losses and 3 draw against kt and 3 wins and 4 losses against NC.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop has said throughout the season, “The real game comes in the second half of the season.” This six-game series against a ranking contender could be the “second-half match” predicted by the manager.

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