There was no Crisis in Professional Baseball and the Audience is Close to Exceeding 6 Million

There was no crisis in professional baseball. 

The 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League is on the verge of exceeding 6 million spectators.

The 2023 KBO League has 5,970,083 cumulative spectators attending 545 games as of the 30th, leaving 29,917 spectators to reach 6 million spectators. 

When the game is held on the 31st, it is certain that the number of spectators will exceed 6 million.

The KBO League, which surpassed 5 million spectators on the 4th

is on the verge of exceeding 6 million spectators in less than a month. 

If the number of spectators reaches 6 million on the 31st, it will be only 27 days and 93 games.

The overall average number of spectators as of the 30th was 10,954, a 34.6% increase compared to the same number of games last year, and a 4.9% increase compared to 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A crisis was predicted for the baseball world ahead of this season

but traditional popular teams such as the LG Twins and Lotte Giants led the way in the early and mid-season and the current trend

and the number of spectators increased significantly.

In August, it was difficult to watch games in person at the baseball stadium due to the heat wave and frequent rain 토토사이트

so the average number of spectators was 11,062 when the 5 million spectators were reached on the 4th.

However, it appears that many fans visited the baseball stadium due to the fierce battle between each team for mid-level rankings.

It is also likely that the final number of spectators last year (2022 season) of 6,076,074 will exceed this week.

The most popular team was, of course, LG. By club, LG, which is currently at the top of the leaderboard

has an average audience of 16,198 per game, and is the only team among the 10 teams to record an average audience of more than 15,000

capturing both performance and box office success.

SSG follows LG with 14,376 people, followed by Lotte, Doosan, and Samsung in that order.

These four clubs are ahead in overall numbers

but overall, the total number of spectators for all 10 clubs has increased significantly compared to the previous year.

Compared to last year

the number of spectators for home games during the same period increased significantly

including 69% for Kiwoom, 66% for NC, 59% for Hanwha, and 47% for Lotte.

In addition, with the weather becoming relatively cooler in the mornings and evenings

the KBO League is nearing its end

and each team’s fierce battle for rankings to secure fall baseball tickets is becoming more intense.

An official from a club in the metropolitan area said

As the days go by

it is becoming more and more difficult to get tickets for the seats preferred by fans.

He added

As competition among clubs for rankings becomes more intense toward the end, and as the hot weather partially subsides

support from fans seems to be growing.

He also conveyed the heated atmosphere these days.

The baseball world

which was troubled by the disaster of being eliminated from the WBC before the season

was also concerned about the recovery of spectators.

If the competition for the last-minute rankings becomes more intense and all games canceled due to rain are played

expectations are growing that it will be possible to attract spectators approaching the peak baseball season before 2019.

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