From international student to active duty officer…following your dreams

The KBL Skills Test was held for aspiring professional basketball players. From an 18-year-old international student to an active military officer, the challengers had a variety of stories to tell.

From warming up before the game to taking light dunks.

Standing at 6-foot-5, 18-year-old Jo Jun-hee has been dreaming of playing professionally since he fell in love with the game in Canada, where he studied abroad at the age of 11.

While attending college in the U.S., she took a leave of absence to return home with the goal of entering the KBL rookie draft, where she stood out and impressed the coaching staff and scouts of the professional teams that were on hand.

[Jo Jun-hee, freshman at Cerritos College: even if I don’t get (selected) this time, I’m going to continue to try for another challenge and work hard to improve and become a good player].

Lt. Col. Sang-Beom Lee, a 26-year-old military academy graduate, also caught our eye.

Because of his active-duty military status, he won’t be able to enter the draft right away if he passes the skills test 토토 this time around, but he gave it his all on the court to see if he can fulfill his dream of playing professional basketball.

Three former college athletes who were previously undrafted due to injuries, lack of skill, and other reasons gave their dreams a second chance.

[ForewordSeachan/Drafted in 2022: I just see basketball, I’m desperate, and I’ll bite like a zombie (and not fall down if I fail)].

Among the 10 challengers who took a shot at their dreams, the successful applicants, who will be announced tomorrow (May 5), will participate in the KBL Rookie Draft on May 21 and knock on the door of professional entry.

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