Lotte coach Sutton resigns amid stress

of seven-game losing streak

“Deteriorating health” under the acting regime of Lee Jong-woon.

The pledge to “start hitting in August” (8 chiol) is actually a lie again this year. Baseball team Lotte has decided to entrust the ‘9th Chiol’ mission to head coach Lee Jong-woon (57) in place of manager Larry Sutton (53-photo), 한국야동 who announced his intention to resign.

Lotte said, “Coach Sutton tendered his resignation after the Anbang game on the 27th, citing health reasons. After careful consideration, the club decided to honor Sutton’s wishes,” Lotte announced on the 28th, adding, “Starting on the 29th against Daejeon Hanwha (the remaining 36 games of the year), Coach Lee will take over as acting head coach.” Lee previously served as Lotte’s head coach for a year in 2015.

Until the 17th of this month, 성인웹툰 Lotte seemed to be making the ‘8th chiol’ a reality with a monthly winning percentage of 0.600 (9 W, 6 L). The then sixth-ranked Lotte (50 W, 51 L) was only 0.5 games behind fifth-ranked KIA (47 W, 2 D, 47 L), the minimum to qualify for the postseason. However, a seven-game losing streak dropped them to seventh place and five games behind fifth-ranked KIA.

In the meantime, Sutton was unable to manage the team on two occasions (Nov. 17 and Nov. 27) due to dizziness. A Lotte official said, “It is true that Coach Sutton visited the hospital due to sexual stress,” and added, “Regardless of the current performance, it would be difficult for Coach Sutton, who has been away twice due to health issues, to take the helm until the end of the season.”

Sutton, who was the head coach of the Lotte Futures League (second team) in 2019, took the helm of the first team on May 11, 2021, the day after the firing of former coach Heo Moon-hoe (51). Since then, Lotte has won 167 games, drawn 12 and lost 187 (a winning percentage of 0.472). 19가이드03 Only Hanwha (124 wins, 20 draws, 221 losses – win percentage 0.359) has a worse record than Lotte in this period.

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