Its Worst Hitter Korea even if they Meet Taiwan Again

 It’s shocking in itself. 

It makes you wonder if a game like this even exists. 

I expected it to be strong, but when I opened the lid, it was even more than that. 

It makes me wonder if I can win if we meet again in the future. Taiwanese baseball has become scary.

Chinese Taipei in the second game

Korea lost 0-4 against Chinese Taipei in the second game of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball Group B group round held at the first stadium of the Shaoxing Baseball and Baseball Center in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China on the 2nd.

It was a complete defeat, a shocking defeat. 

They said, ‘But Taiwan is still one step below,’ but that wasn’t the case at all. 

The batter couldn’t use his strength, and the pitcher couldn’t hold on. 

The mound blocked it relatively well, but since the bat didn’t explode, there was no answer.

The road to winning the Asian Games for the fourth time in a row has become difficult. 

First of all, we have to win the remaining group rounds against Thailand, and then win all of the super rounds as well.  카지노사이트랭크

Depending on the results of the match between Japan and Taiwan, only then can they advance to the finals.

The question is, ‘Can you win?’ First of all, the batting line is not using its strength. 

The number of offensive innings in 2 games is 16.2 innings. 

It was 7.2 innings against Hong Kong and 9 innings against Taiwan.

In the 8th inning against Hong Kong, he scored 7 runs while receiving 2 outs. 

Thanks to that, I won the cold game. 

In the remaining 7 innings and the 9th inning against Taiwan, only 3 runs were scored. 

Fortunately, these 3 points were also scored against Hong Kong. 

Facing Taiwan, they could not score even a single point.

After the game, manager Ryu Joong-il said, “Taiwanese pitchers are fast and have good ball control. 

“It’s different from Taiwanese baseball a few years ago,” he said. Noh Si-hwan also said, “The ball was fast. The breaking ball was also good. 

Taiwanese pitchers were too strong. 

We were not prepared,” he explained.

The goal is clear. It’s a gold medal. 

For this, we must cross Taiwan. 

Of course, Japan must also be put aside. So the road is rough.

 In the end, the bat has to survive. 

The problem is that it is not easy.

Coach Ryu Joong-il used the same lineup for both Hong Kong-Taiwan matches. 

Kim Hye-seong and Choi Ji-hoon were table setters, and Noh Si-hwan, Kang Baek-ho and Moon Bo-kyung were used as the main batting lineup.

 The lower batting lineup is Dong-hee Yoon, Seong-han Park, Hyeong-jun Kim, and Seong-yoon Kim.

If you don’t have a good feeling, you can try using another player, but it’s not easy. 

The resources on the bench were Choi Won-jun, Kim Joo-won, Kim Ji-chan, and Kim Dong-heon. 

It’s hard to say that they are better.

Another problem is the lack of right-handed hitters. 

Although Dong-hee Yoon is showing off his strength, it is true that there is a lack of right-handed hitters overall.

Coach Ryu Joong-il said, “We don’t have many players left on the bench. 

In the KBO league, it is a 28-player entry, but here it is a 24-player entry. 

There are not enough cards to use. 

Since there is no backup player, I think I will have to continue as the starting player,” he explained.

He continued, “There is a lack of right-handed hitters, but if you look at the league as a whole, there are a lot of right-handed and left-handed hitters. 

There are no cards that can be used, so we have to continue with the members we have,” he emphasized.

In the end, there is a possibility that the current lineup will remain the same even if we meet Taiwan again in the future. It’s not a very good thing for us. 

As we mainly select young players, there are no backup players at the moment,” he explained.

There is no specific answer other than hoping that others will wake up. 

Because there is no alternative. That’s why it’s even more frustrating. 

Also, if they perform poorly, winning a gold medal is out of the question. 

And that in itself is a disaster. Will Korean hitters be able to successfully restore their honor?

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