Lee Do-hyun (20-Blackyak) was happy to win a silver medal at the Asian Games, but he wasn’t satisfied with his performance. “It’s not the rain, it’s me being affected by the environment,” he said, which makes us look forward to his future. Lee finished second in the men’s combined (bouldering and lead) final of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Saturday at the Yangshan Sports Climbing Center in Kirqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, with a total score of 118.7 points (64.6 bouldering and 54.1 lead). “It feels really good to win a silver medal at my first Asian Games,” Lee said after the event, calling it “a very honorable and valuable medal,” but when he reviewed his performance, he was disappointed. It rained heavily at the Yangsan Sports Climbing Center that day. Many athletes struggled due to the rain. However, the winner, 2004-born “genius climber” Sorato Anraku (JPN), dominated the competition, earning a total of 187.8 points (99.7 bouldering and 88.1 lead). “The rain had an adverse effect, but in the end it was my problem,” said Lee. “The second boulder of the bouldering match was my favorite style. I was trying to get a hold and go, and then I got hit in the eye with rain. When I came down and looked at the hold, there was rain on it and water on my shoes,” he recalled, adding, “I don’t usually get too excited, but this time I lost it, and I’m sorry I didn’t control myself better. “The Combine consists of bouldering, which involves passing various man-made structures on a 4.5-meter rock wall without a rope in less than four minutes, and lead, which involves climbing a 15-meter-high man-made wall to the highest point in less than six minutes. For the Asian Games Bouldering, four boulders (artificial rocks) were set up, with 25 points per boulder for a maximum of 100 points. Lee reached the top hold on boulder 1 in two attempts, earning 24.9 points. However, he failed to reach the 25-point top hold on boulders 2 (9.8 points) and 3 (4.9 points). On hold 4, he got a top hold on his first attempt, earning 25 points. It was a disappointing result for Lee, whose bouldering was his strong suit. He finished fourth in bouldering. However, he jumped from second in the lead to second in the overall score. “I was disappointed that I didn’t perform at the level I wanted in bouldering,” said Lee, “I was nervous before the lead, but I’m glad I finished well.” With his win, Anraku is the world No. 1 in the men’s combined event. Lee is ranked sixth in the category. “I’ve met him before at World Cups and other events. He’s a really good athlete,” said Lee, who admired the younger champion, “but I was confident that I could beat Anraku this time by using my own strengths. I lost because I didn’t play my game.” He hopes to use the disappointment of losing to Anraku as motivation for the 2024 Paris Olympics. “I felt that I could beat Anraku,” said Lee. “I felt like I could beat him, and I’m confident in my strengths,” he said, adding, “I’ll grow up and do even better in Paris. “While he hopes to win a brighter gold medal, for now, he’s grateful to his father, former national sport climbing coach Lee Chang-hyun, for raising him to be a silver medalist. “My climbing teacher, my father, thank you for letting me climb,” Lee said as 스포츠토토존 he held up his silver medal. I love you.”

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