Eogok FC K5 Championship repeat attempt

Gyeongnam Yangsan Eogok FC came into the K5 Championship with a different mindset than last year.

Gyeongnam Yangsan Eogok FC defeated Yangju Deokgye Football Club 5-1 in a Group D match of the 2023 K5 Division League Championship at Chungju General Auxiliary Stadium on May 5. As a result, Eogok FC topped Group D and advanced to the quarterfinals of the championship.

Eogok FC’s Kim Dong-chul scored the first goal in the 16th minute from a free kick, followed by a second goal shortly after. In the 24th minute, Kim Bu-kwan sprinted 30 meters alone to score another goal. The second half was also dominated by Augok FC. In the 39th minute of the second half, Lee Sang-hyun scored a wedge goal, and Kim Dong-chul scored two more goals in extra time to seal the victory.

Kim Dong-chul, who scored a hat trick, said, “When I was playing professionally, I was a defender, but when I joined the K5 League, I switched to a forward position. Scoring a hat trick in this game is an unfamiliar experience for me. I’m happy to have contributed to Eogok FC advancing to the championship tournament.”

“I joined Ugok FC on the recommendation of a close friend. I took a long break from sports during my career, and I was worried about whether I could help the team. I am very happy that I can play soccer again after retirement,” he said. “It’s my first time playing in the championship. All the teams are tough. We need to prepare better for the quarterfinals.”

Ha Seung-min of Eogok FC said, “We lost the first match of the Championship group stage in a penalty shootout. However, we won the remaining two games to reach the quarterfinals. I’m grateful to the players for preparing well for the two games with the team’s morale intact.”

Eogok FC competed in the championship for the first time last year, but was eliminated in the group stage. Ha Seung-min said, “We finished second in the local league last year, but the first-place team said they couldn’t play in the championship, so we came out. We were rushed to compete and didn’t practice properly. This year, we came out properly prepared.”

Eogok FC is not a team that only looks at ‘winning’. “We want to create a place where people can experience various types of soccer 토토사이트 rather than win or lose,” Ha said. “We want to give opportunities to players who have played in the pros or players who have gone close to the pros but failed. We also want to donate our talents to the community and make a good impact, representing the local name ‘Yangsan’.

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