Its Samsung Highly Dependent on Lee Jeong-hyun and Kim Si-rae

Samsung aims to advance to the playoffs (PO) this season. Samsung, which recruited Kofi Coburn (26, 210 cm) with a heavy presence

is looking for the optimal combination of domestic players. 

Above all, the key is to reduce dependence on Lee Jeong-hyeon (36·191cm) and Kim Si-rae (34·178cm).

Samsung recruited the ‘mercenary’ Coburn early on to take a leap forward this season. 

Coburn, who had a clear sense of weight in the paint zone, came and properly established a pillar under the goal.  먹튀검증사이트

However, it is not easy to maintain consistent performance due to the ups and downs of domestic players.

Samsung’s centerpieces are still veterans Lee Jeong-hyun and Kim Si-rae. There is a high degree of dependence on both. 

There is a chance of victory only if Lee Jeong-hyeon and Kim Si-rae do it. 

However, Lee Jeong-hyeon and Kim Si-rae are under intensive control from their opponents. 

This is because the physical burden is high at a young age. If

the two are absent, Samsung will not have enough resources to lead the team. Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok also said, “The leading players on our team are Kim Si-rae and Lee Dong-yeop.

Lee Dong-yeop tends to play with a defensive stake. Kim Moo-sung is not playing much. 

Avan Nava, who joined the Asian Quarter, has strengths in outside shooting rather than leading. Rookie Jo Jun-hee is also still young, and his leading potential is not high.

There must be a player who is good at leading so that he can overcome difficult times. This is why Samsung’s chances of winning increase when veterans Lee Jeong-hyun and Kim Si-rae are good. 

However, Lee Jeong-hyeon and Kim Si-rae are not young. It is urgent for Samsung to recruit or foster leading resources for the future. 

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