15-Year-Old Prodigy Choi Ga-on Surprise Winner of the Snowboard World Cup

Fifteen-year-old Choi Ga-on, a promising snowboarder, won a surprise victory in his World Cup debut.

He showed off his genius with perfect aerial stunts.

Born in 2008, he is 15 years old this year. 토사이트

Choi Ga-on, the youngest contestant, had an unstoppable performance.

Of the eight people who made it to the finals, he was the only one to easily succeed in the difficult technique of flying in the opposite direction and spinning around two and a half laps on his back.

And he perfectly performed the aerial stunt of holding the board and spinning… and the continuous technique of spinning forward two and a half laps and immediately backwards two and a half laps.

The result was 92.75 points.

He jumped to the lead, beating Japan’s Ohno by 2.75 points, and maintained first place until the end.

[Choi Ga-on/National Snowboarding Team]
“This was my World Cup debut. I am proud of winning the gold medal. “I want to win the next World Cup as well.”

Choi Ga-on, who reached the top of the X-Games earlier this year and broke snowboarding queen Chloe Kim’s record as the youngest person ever.

This time, he swept his World Cup debut and proved his potential.

[Choi Ga-on/National Snowboarding Team]
“I think thinking that I needed to perfect my acting led to good results. We will strive to achieve better results in the future.”

In the men’s division, Lee Chae-woon ranked second overall and reached the podium for two consecutive competitions.

She showed off her spectacular aerial movements and received 80.00 points, but unfortunately fell behind Japan’s Ayumu Hirano, the gold medalist at the Beijing Winter Olympics, by 11 points.

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