Hwang’s brother-in-law finally indicted on charges of distributing private videos and threats

The brother-in-law of national soccer player Hwang Eui-jo, who allegedly posted a video exposing his private life and threatened him, has been handed over to trial for detention.

On the 8th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Division 1 (Deputy Chief Jang Hye-young) announced that Hwang Ui-jo (31‧Norwich City), who is suspected of distributing videos of soccer player Hwang Ui-jo’s (31‧Norwich City) private life and threatening him, was arrested and charged with shooting and distributing videos with a camera under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act and threatening retaliation under the Special Act.

The prosecution said, “After conducting supplementary investigations, including interviews with those involved in the case, forensic analysis, analysis of mobile phones and letters, and checking accounts and call details, we confirmed that Mr. A distributed videos of his private life and threatened Hwang Ui-jo by demanding that he cancel the complaint.”

“The allegations of illegal filming of Hwang Ui-jo are being investigated by the police, and we are not disclosing specific criminal charges to prevent secondary damage.”

Earlier, in June, Ahn claimed to be Hwang’s former lover and shared photos and videos of Hwang and other women having sex on Instagram. He also claimed that Hwang had been in a relationship with multiple women and caused them harm.

Mr. Hwang’s brother-in-law, Mr. A, allegedly accompanied him on business trips abroad and acted as his de facto manager.

Mr. Hwang’s side reportedly expressed that he “does not want to be punished” during the review of Mr. A’s arrest warrant. 사설토토

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