‘Kim Ha-Sung’s junior’ Lim Hye-Dong releases ‘assault photos’…”I have more evidence,” she pleads innocence

San Diego Padres baseball player Kim Ha-seong is suing junior baseball player Lim Hye-Dong for racketeering and intimidation, and Im Hye-dong has spoken out.

On Aug. 8, a live video of Lim’s interview was posted on the Garosero Research Center’s YouTube channel.

On the same day, Kim’s representative revealed a photo of Im Hye-dong, who was allegedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung. He explained, “This is a photo of Im Hye-dong being assaulted when she was Kim Ha-sung’s driver and manager.”

Kim Sae also released a video of an interview with Im Hye-dong herself. “Kim Ha-sung’s side, some media are slandering and attacking Ms. Im Hye-dong, who is a victim in a way,” Kim said, adding, “If you look at the statement Kim Ha-sung made just now, he said, ‘If (Im Hye-dong) is unjust, sue her for assault, and I will sue you for innocence. What is your position on this?” he asked.

Lim Hye-dong replied, “I already settled once, as everyone knows, so I admit that Kim Ha-sung had some moral responsibility, whether he felt sorry for me or not,” adding, “I didn’t want to go that far because I admitted it, but since he came out like that, I’m looking at all the criminal things.”

In addition, Lim Hye Dong spoke about an argument she had with Kim Ha Sung over drinks in the past, saying, “I was beaten by (Kim Ha Sung) one-sidedly. I was hit too much. Honestly, I think I can prove it by going to the police station with documents from that day and things like that.” “I’ve also been in contact with the people who were there, and they’re saying the same thing. There was no altercation between Kim Ha-sung and me in that bar,” he said.

“I have all the evidence that I made a video call with Kim Ha-sung from Gocheok Dome (at the time), and (the other party) saw his face,” he added.

Kim Sae asked, “Some media outlets reported that the photo of the assault was falsely manipulated into a photo of her being assaulted by Kim Ha-sung when it was actually a photo of her being assaulted by her father at home in the past.”

Lim Hye-dong replied, “The word ‘falsified’ is wrong. When I was collecting the evidence of the things I had been beaten and these things, I think that photo (the assault in the house) was mistakenly put into the bundle.” “When I delivered it to the lawyer as a bundle, I didn’t have any additional explanation, so it was a mistake for the lawyer to deliver it to the reporters. I asked for a correction right now, and I was wrong in that regard,” she explained.

In addition, Lim Hye-dong said, 카지노사이트 “When Kim Ha-sung made the first report (about the extortion and threats), I read the report and didn’t understand why he would lie about all of this. “I just took (the money) as Kim’s lawyer wrote in the settlement agreement,” he said, adding, “I just took (the money) as Kim’s lawyer wrote in the settlement agreement. After that, we didn’t communicate for two years, and when I sent him a proof of content for breach of confidentiality after two years, it was stated in the agreement that if there was a problem, it would be resolved in the Central District Court. I don’t know where they are talking about me making blackmail threats,” she complained.

She continued, “I want to be investigated by the police as soon as possible. I don’t want Kim Ha Sung to be wronged, but I think I need to clearly prove that I didn’t make blackmail threats. If you say that the fault should be clearly identified, I think that criminal proceedings should be taken.” “I hope that Kim Ha-seong also comes up with clear evidence. If I did something wrong, I would be punished, but I don’t have anything like that, so I don’t care if they file criminal charges or if they file innocent charges,” he said.

On the same day, Kim’s legal representatives also revealed a new stance on Lim Hye-dong. “As reported through various media outlets, Kim recently sued a former professional baseball player who is his junior for racketeering and attempted racketeering, and the police investigation was completed,” the legal representative explained. “In 2021, the opposing player used Kim’s military status to threaten Kim and demanded money in the form of a settlement, and Kim paid the money on the condition that the opposing player did not contact Kim directly or indirectly or take any unfavorable action against Kim.”

“Nevertheless, the other player repeatedly violated the agreement by contacting Kim Ha-sung again, and Kim Ha-sung filed a criminal complaint to prevent further damage, and separately filed a civil lawsuit and a provisional injunction to claim penalties for violating the agreement.”

“We would like to reiterate that the allegations that Kim unilaterally and repeatedly assaulted the other player are completely untrue,” he added. “We plan to file additional charges against the opposing player for defaming Kim Ha-seong by reporting false facts and manipulated evidence photos to the media, and we will not tolerate and will take civil and criminal responsibility if such acts against the player continue in the future,” he added.

Previously, Kim Ha-seong filed a complaint against Lim Hye-dong for racketeering and attempted racketeering on March 27, and she appeared before the police on March 6 to complete her investigation. Im Hye-dong reportedly joined Kim Ha-sung’s management company after retiring as a baseball player and worked as a road manager.

In 2021, they had an argument over alcohol and got into a fight, after which Im Hye-dong reportedly demanded a settlement from Kim Ha-sung. 온라인카지노

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