Its Yoon Hyeong-bin Defeated By the Soy Sauce Terrorist

At Goobne ROAD FC 067 on the 16th, Yoon Hyung-bin lost by decision to ‘soy sauce terrorist’ Shoyu Nikki (28).

Shoyu Nikki threw soy sauce on Hyungbin Yoon’s head at the Goobne ROAD FC 067 press conference, drawing the ire of many martial arts fans.

Many fighting sports fans cheered for Hyungbin Yoon’s revenge, but it did not happen.

The ‘Fighter 100 Special Match’ rule was that the match lasted for one round of 100 seconds. Hyungbin Yoon burned everything for 100 seconds.

However, because he had not been on the cage for a long time, Yoon Hyung-bin’s body was not the same as before. 카지노사이트랭크

This match was Hyungbin Yoon’s return to MMA after about 9 years.

At the Road FC 014 tournament held in 2014, Hyungbin Yoon won his debut match by knocking out Japan’s Tsukuda Takaya in the first round.

In a backstage interview, Hyungbin Yoon said, “I feel relieved, but at first I feel regretful.

I feel like I have mixed feelings. I lost for the first time in my life. “So I want something like this,” he expressed regret.

Hyungbin Yoon also said, “The people who had no expectations were 9, and the people who had expectations were 1. It’s a shame he couldn’t turn that 9 over.

It’s a pity for her, but she will not forget the number 1 that was expected of her and will become a Hyungbin Yoon who works harder to repay her,” she said, conveying her feelings to her fans.

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