28P 18R 11A Triple Double Lee Seung-woo to return to the first team–“It’s up to the player to prepare”

Lee Seung-woo (22, 193.3 cm) doesn’t give up.

Changwon LG won 97-87 against Sangmu of the 2023-2024 KBL D-League on Thursday at Icheon LG Champions Park. LG swept the Sangmu, who hadn’t lost a game since last season, extending their winning streak to 12 straight. Lee Seung-woo was active all over the offense. His physical hustle and aggressive offense helped LG win the game.

Lee played 39 minutes and 45 seconds, recording a triple-double with 28 points, 18 rebounds, and 11 assists. He had 14 points, five rebounds, and four assists in the first quarter alone. Kim Jun-hyung (20 points, 6 rebounds), Lee Seung-hoon (19 points, 2 rebounds), and 스포츠토토 Han Sang-hyuk (18 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists) also chipped in.

After the game, Lee said, “We wanted to win because we lost the last game in overtime, so it feels great to win. Coach Kim Dong-woo and (Kang) Byung-hyun told me to be active and play the plays I wanted to play with confidence. Thanks to them, I was able to attack naturally.”

LG had only seven players (Lee Seung-woo, Han Sang-hyuk, Park Joon-hyung, Lim Dong-seop, Kim Jun-hyung, Lee Kang-hyun, and Lee Seung-hoon) on the roster. The minimum roster size for the D-League is seven players. LG operated with six players, excluding Lee Kang-hyun, who did not accompany the team on the field. Due to the large number of minutes he played, Lee suffered a leg strain and fell during the game.

“There was also physical pressure. Not only me, but also my teammates worked hard, so I wanted to make sure that their efforts were not wasted. I think the fact that all five of us played hard until the end led to a good result,” he said.

LG boasts a strong player base LG is currently ranked fourth in the standings with 18 wins, 10 losses, and a winning percentage of over 6 percent. They are only 0.5 games behind KT in third place. There is no shortage of talent in the forward line, including Yang Hong-seok and Jung Hee-jae. Lee is always ready to seize the opportunity.

“After a bad game, I think about the things I didn’t do well. I want to keep doing what I did well, but I think I should always look back and improve on what I didn’t do well. I don’t know when I’ll be able to join the roster. It’s always up to the player to prepare,” he vowed.

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