If I Had Made the Promise to Shave my Head it Would Have Been a Big Problem.

The women’s professional basketball all-star game will be held this coming Sunday.

Let’s meet Woori Bank’s Park Ji-hyun, who has emerged as a ‘trend’ in both skill and popularity by taking first place in fan voting for the first time.

Park Ji-hyun took a photo of his All-Star game profile during the league break.

Even though he looks embarrassed, he diligently practices the choreography he will perform at the All-Star Game in sync with the music.

Park Ji-hyun, who was the Rookie of the Year, is leading the competition for Woori Bank’s lead with her best performance since her debut this season in her 6th year as a professional, and in the All-Star fan vote 카지노사이트

she took first place for the first time, beating Shin Ji-hyun, who was first last season. occupied.

[Ji-Hyun Park/Woori Bank Guard: Thanks to all the love and votes, I feel like I’m having a happy and thankful day.]

Last season, I made an unprecedented promise to win first place in fan voting, but

[Ji-Hyun Park/Woori Bank Guard: If I become No. 1 in All Star, let’s film a shaved head content~ (Jihyun, let’s go!)]

This time, we changed to making t-shirts for fans.

[Ji-Hyun Park/Woori Bank Guard: (Last year’s mid-term voting) I wasn’t close to first place at the time and I just wanted to have fun so I shaved my head

but this season, I was in second place (mid-term voting), so I feel a bit anxious if I do this again (pledge to shave my head). [I couldn’t bear to do that.]

Park Ji-hyun, who captains the Pink Star team and faces the Blue Star team led by Shin Ji-hyun in the All-Star Game

has no intention of giving up either victory or fan service.

[Park Ji-hyun/Woori Bank Guard: We plan to take care of the victory. I can’t lose the ceremony part, so I’m preparing by talking a lot.]

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