Its Werner Opened his Eyes to Soccer I Want to Score a Goal

 Timo Werner (27), who joined Tottenham Hotspur in this winter transfer window, declared that he would not focus on goals.

According to The Athletic, UK, on ​​the 16th (Korean time), he said, “I want to score goals, but (scoring) is no longer the main part of my game.”

Werner is a versatile striker who can play all areas of the offensive line based on his speed and penetration ability. 

He is also considered a striker who specializes in pressure due to his prolific usage. Expectations for Werner are growing as Coach Postekoglou uses a relatively free tactic of pushing the line high and not fixing the offensive line.  카지노사이트랭크

Britain’s TBR Football predicted, “Considering Werner’s speed and his activity level without the ball, he appears to be a good fit for coach Postekoglu’s system.”

Several big clubs in the Premier League were keeping an eye on Werner, and Chelsea embraced Werner by activating a buyout of 47.5 million pounds (about 75 billion won).

It was an investment with the hope of solving Chelsea’s main gun problem.

Werner recorded 6 goals and 12 assists in 35 games in the first year of his transfer, but his scoring ability was pointed out as a problem. 

He was assessed to have lost confidence due to the accumulation of so-called ‘big chance misses’, in which he missed crucial scoring opportunities.

When asked if his playing style had changed after making his Tottenham debut against Manchester United at Old Trafford on the 15th, he said, “It may not be about the fans or the manager. It may be about myself.

How I play the game.” “Looking at the record, you may think, ‘I wish I had scored more goals,’” he said.

“But I think I’m older now,” he said. “I realize how important assists and low movement are for the team. I want to score goals

but (scoring) is not a major part of my game anymore, especially with these types of tactics. “We can bring much more,” he emphasized.

In the match against Manchester United, Werner started as a left-back in a 4-3-3 formation. This position was mainly held by Son Heung-min until the Asian Cup.

Front line Richarlison and right winger Brennan Johnson formed the offensive line along with Werner.

Werner had the opportunity to score his first debut goal 10 minutes into the first half. Ferdo Foro’s ball from the right flank went to Werner, who was on the other side.

The ball that Werner hit on the head flew sharply towards the opposite goal. However, Johnny Evans cleared it in front of the goal.

Ten minutes later Werner struck again for his debut goal. Werner, who caught the ball on the left side

easily passed Evans and opened the shooting angle toward the center. However, the shot he attempted to kick with his right foot missed and went wide out of the goal.

His third shooting opportunity came in the 43rd minute of the first half. Oliver Skip’s long pass was connected to Werner

who was running to the front, creating an instant counterattack opportunity. Werner caught the ball with great speed and put the last defender in front. The left-footed shot attempted to beat Diogo Dalot missed the goal.

Werner, who had three scoring opportunities in the first half, gave Tottenham a gift as soon as the second half started.

He assisted Rodrigo Bentancur’s equalizer in the first minute of the second half when the score was tied 1-2. Werner, who caught the ball in a wide space on the left side

drove the defenders and passed the ball to Bentancur, who penetrated into the half space, and Bentancur finished with a left-footed shot. It was Werner’s golden assist that saved Tottenham from the brink of defeat.

In the second half, the game focused more on attacking using teammates in a wider space than in the first half.

He focused on his movements as a winger, such as lightly beating defenders and turning crosses. According to soccer statistics company FootMob, Werner had a pass success rate of 91% (32/35) and created one opportunity that resulted in an assist

 However, none of the five shots were effective. However, FootMob gave Werner a favorable review with a rating of 7.1 points.

The evaluation was that it was effective in the attack scenes, including assists. This was the longest game Werner, who was pushed down to Leipzig’s fourth-choice striker, played this season.

After the game, Tottenham coach Anger Postekoglou said, “Werner has had two training sessions with us. He hasn’t started a game for a long time (at Leipzig).

After watching today’s game, he understands our game and is used to our training pace.” “I think it could be really interesting for us if we lose.

We will have had a few chances today. Werner has always been a threat and I think he will enjoy his football here.”

He added, “More importantly, we had no choice but to start Werner today. Werner wanted to help us. He raised his hand and said he would do whatever he could. That was to his credit.”

“I think a lot of people would like to see me score more goals,” Werner said. “But at Tottenham, with the tactics we have and the way the manager wants

Even if you’re not a high-profile player who can score goals, you can still bring a lot to the team with assists and things like that.” He raised his voice, saying, “Like today, I move up from a low position and make assists to give space to others.”

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