Real Madrid, a famous Spanish soccer team, was selected as the soccer team that earned the most money in the world, surpassing Manchester City (Man City, England). Real Madrid earned 831.4 million euros (about 1.275 trillion won) in the season according to the ‘2022-2023 Football Money League’ survey published by global accounting and consulting company Deloitte on the 25th (Korean time). It was found that Manchester City, which had previously ranked first for two consecutive years, had an income of 825.9 million euros (approximately 1.1995 trillion won), losing first place to Real Madrid this time .Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France), where Lee Kang-in, a key resource of Korean soccer, played, was ranked 5th (654 million euros) in the last survey, but this time, it took a big leap to 3rd place (801.8 million euros).

FC Barcelona of Spain’s Primera Liga (La Liga) ranked 4th and 5th with 800.1 million euros (about 1.0689 trillion won), and Manchester United (England) ranked 4th and 5th with 745.8 million euros (about 1.0822 trillion won). did .Kim Min-jae’s team Bayern Munich (Germany, 744 million euros) ranked 6th, followed by Liverpool (682.9 million euros) and Son Heung-min’s Tottenham Hotspur (631.5 million euros, England). followed by A total of six teams in the top 10 were from the English Premier League (EPL), including Chelsea (589.4 million euros) and Arsenal (532.6 million euros), which ranked 9th and 10th.The total income earned by the top 20 teams in the 2022-2023 season was 10.5 billion euros (15.2591 trillion won), a 14% increase compared to the previous season .Real Madrid’s recent victory over all EPL teams that had increased their market size based on broadcasting rights revenue was largely due to the significantly increased attendance and marketing revenue.

As we emerged from the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), overall audience revenue increased .Real Madrid also generated attendance revenue of 122 million euros (approximately 177.2 billion won), an increase of about 40% compared to the previous season (88 million euros), and marketing was successful, with revenue reaching 4% for the first time in five years. exceeded 100 million euros. PSG, which earned about 150 million euros more in revenue in one year, achieved record results, especially in the broadcasting rights sector. Income from broadcasting rights jumped by more than 100 million euros (145.3 billion won) in just one year .Among the 20 teams, the club with the worst earnings performance was Liverpool .Liverpool, which ranked 4th (701.7 million euros) the previous season, was 7th in this survey (682.9 million euros).In the 2021-2022 season, additional broadcasting revenue was raised thanks to achievements such as advancing to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final and winning the English Football 스포츠토토존 Association (FA) Cup and League Cup, which had a decisive impact on Liverpool’s increase in revenue.

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