The Samsung Lions have confirmed their coaching staff

The Samsung Lions have confirmed their coaching staff for the 2024 season.

The first team will be led by Park Jin-man and assisted by Lee Byung-kyu. Newly hired coaches Jung Min-tae and Lee Jin-young will be in charge of pitching and hitting, respectively. In addition, Kwon Oh-joon, bullpen coach, 토토사이트 Kang Myung-gu, operations coach, Lee Jung-sik, battery coach, Son Ju-in, defense coach, Bae Young-seop, hitting sub coach, and Park Chan-do, infield/outfield coach, will guide the first team players.

The Futures will be led by new head coach Jung Dae-hyun and pitching coach Kang Young-sik. Hitting coach Kang Bong-kyu, offense/outfield coach Cho Dong-chan, battery coach Chae Sang-byung, and infield/outfield coach Jung Byung-gon will lead the Futures. Park Hee-soo is the new bullpen coach for the Futures, which was created this year to help develop young prospects.

Coaches Park Han-i, Tabata, and Tachibana have moved from the first team and the Futures, and will work with Kim Jung-hyuk to develop the rookies in the residual team this season.

In the conditioning department, First Team Head Coach Jung Yeon-chang and Futures Head Coach Kim Ji-hoon will help players prevent injuries and return to play early. Also supporting the players are 1st team coaches Kwon Oh-kyung, Yeom Sang-chul, Hwang Seung-hyun, and Park Seung-joo; Futures coaches Heo Jun-hwan and Han Heung-il; and 3rd team coaches Yoon Sung-chul and Yoon Seok-hoon. 토토사이트 추천 For the Rehabilitation Group, Coach Naito and Coach Kim Yong-hae will be in charge of the conditioning part, along with Coach Jung Hyun-wook.

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