Daegu Ko Jae-hyeon, I Couldn’t Achieve the 10 Goals

Daegu Ko Jae-hyeon “I Couldn’t Achieve the 10 Goals Last Year by 1 Goal, I Want to Make Up for it this Year”

“I was psychologically shaken by not being able to participate in AG last year… but I have become stronger and more mature.”

Ko Jae-hyeon, a striker for Daegu FC in the K-League 1 professional soccer team, who had a difficult time last year due to the disappointment of not being able to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, has strengthened his determination to achieve double-digit scores again with better performance this year. 파워볼사이트

Ko Jae-hyeon attended the K-League training camp held in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 14th and said, “I wanted to score double digits last year, but I couldn’t by just one goal.

So, this year, I want to score more than 10 goals.”

Ko Jae-hyeon, who had the best season of his career as a player by scoring 13 goals and 2 assists in the league in 2022, played as a key player for the team last season, but scored a slightly reduced score of 9 goals and 1 assist.

Go Jae-hyeon confessed, “I prepared well to avoid becoming a player who only shines for one year after showing good performance in the 2022 season, and the initial flow was good, but it is true that I was psychologically shaken by not being able to go to the Asian Games, which was my goal.”

Ko Jae-hyun, who was born in 1999 and was old enough to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, raised expectations of participating in the Asian Games by participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup, but did not enter the final entry.

Ko Jae-hyun said, “I was sorry that the aftermath lasted longer than expected and I was not able to help the team for a long time,” and added, “Thanks to coach Won-kwon Choi’s continued belief, I was able to create an opportunity for a rebound.”

“I was actually glad that I became stronger and more mature after that incident.

Ko Jae-hyun, who looked back and said, “I am grateful for this time,” emphasized, “This year, I want to help the team not be satisfied with Final A, but to advance to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL).”

Daegu’s ‘Local Boy’ Known for his extraordinary affection for the team, he took on greater responsibility this year as he took on the role of vice-captain to assist captain Hong-cheol.

Go Jae-hyun said, “I have been with Daegu for a long time, and I am the middle of the team in terms of age, so I follow my older brothers well and my younger brothers are good to me.”

“I think he made me vice-captain in order to lead,” he explained.

“Daegu has a very family-like atmosphere, so we are creating a synergy effect with each other, including the new players,” he said, adding, “If we improve the details, we will be able to show a good performance this season.”

“If a striker is simple, it’s easy to get blocked, so I prepared to play in a new way without sticking to the same style,” he said, and pledged, “I will continue to try to improve.”

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