Lee Jeong-hoo expected to be selected as ‘All Rookie Team’ “Excellent pitching and excellent batting skills”

Jeonghoo Lee

There is a prediction that Lee Jeong-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants), who is about to make his Major League debut, will be selected as an ‘All Rookie Team outfielder’ this year.

On the 15th (Korean time), Major League Baseball’s official website ‘MLB.com’ introduced the No. 1 rookie player for each position based on WAR (Winning Contribution Compared to Replacement Players) according to FanGraphs.com’s prediction system ‘Steamer’.

Jeong-hoo Lee was selected as one of three outfielders along with Evan Carter (Texas Rangers) and Jackson Schrio (Milwaukee Brewers). The expected WAR is 3.4, similar to Carter (2.1) and Surio (1.4) combined.

Also, the expected batting average was 0.291, which was expected to place him 4th in the National League, following Luis Arraez (Miami Marlins), Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta Braves), and Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers).

MLB.com explained, “Lee Jung-hoo has an excellent pitching vision and amazing batting skills,” and added, “Lee Jung-hoo’s strikeout rate is expected to be 9.1%, which is slightly higher than last year’s batting king Araez (7%).”

However, he said there were doubts about his slugging power. The media said, “Lee Jung-hoo recorded single-digit home runs in five of the seven seasons in the KBO League,” and added, “There are questions about how many long hits he can show in the major leagues.”

Meanwhile, this list includes only three Japanese players. Starting pitchers Yoshinobu Yamamoto (LA Dodgers) and Shota Imanaga (Chicago Cubs), and reliever Yuki Matsui (San Diego Padres) were selected as All-Rookie Team candidates. 토토사이트

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