“Five wins this year as a stepping stone to our first win “If you want to win the grand prize, you have to do that much.”

Kim Jae-hee, who won the opening game, said, “With the security of being a full seed, I invested 70% of my golf winter training in putt practice. I am the most greedy about major Hite Jinro.”
Kim Jae-hee (23) reached the top of the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, the season opening tournament of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, on the 10th. It was Jaehee Kim’s first win in her 91st appearance at the event, as she made her debut on the KLPGA Tour in 2021. He set his goal for this season at 5 wins. It took her four years to win one, but she’s set to win five in one year. Kim Jae-hee, whom I met at JMS Golf Club in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 22nd, had confidence on her face and her voice was also full of power.

When asked if she had set her goal too high this year, Jaehee Kim brought up the story of Jinhee Lim (26), last season’s multiple winner. Kim Jae-hee said, “After watching Pro Lim Jin-hee, I thought that I had to win at least 5 times to win the grand prize and the prize money. Before the season started, my goal was to get my first win, but now that I won my first win, I changed my goal to 5 wins.” did. Lim Jin-hee became the winner of the most wins with four wins last season, but missed out on the grand prize and prize money. 메이저사이트

One of the reasons Jaehee Kim set her goal much higher was that she was relieved of her worries about seeding rights by winning the season opener. Jaehee Kim won the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open and earned a full seed to participate in all tour tournaments until 2026. On the KLPGA Tour, winners of major tournaments are eligible for full seeding for four years, including that year, and winners of general tournaments are eligible for full seeding for three years.

Kim Jae-hee, who has never won a trophy so far, said she had a hard time concentrating on the competition because she was always worrying about next season’s seed. Kim Jae-hee said, “Even though I’m not the type of person to worry a lot, I couldn’t help but worry because I thought that if I lost my seed, I would immediately lose my job from the next season. As a result, there was a big difference in my performance before and after my seed was confirmed.” 메이저사이트

In fact, Jaehee Kim missed the cut seven times last season, all of which came in competitions before she secured her seeding. On the other hand, the outline of her seed according to the prize money ranking has been revealed to some extent, and since mid-September, she has been in the top 10 three times, including twice as runner-up. Jaehee Kim said, “Until now, only when the full seed was confirmed was the stress relieved and I could play my own game. This year, I solved the seeding issue early by winning the opening competition, so I’m really looking forward to this season.”

Jaehee Kim swept the awards for most wins, highest prize money, and lowest number of strokes in the second part of the Dream Tour in 2020, and was called a ‘super rookie’ when she debuted on the KLPGA Tour the following year. However, it took quite some time to get used to the tour. Jaehee Kim said, “I have never had a downhill slope since I started playing golf in the 6th grade, but I experienced a downward slope for the first time since my debut on the KLPGA Tour.” He added, “In particular, my drive tee shots kept going out of bounds. “As I got older, I lost at-bats from the beginning, so my performance got worse and worse,” he said. Kim Jae-hee drastically changed his drive pitch. He changed the pitch from ‘draw’ (a ball that bends from right to left) to ‘fade’ (a ball that bends from left to right) early last year. From then on, he doesn’t give OB as much as possible.

During training last winter, Jaehee Kim focused on improving her putting feel. He said, “I went to Malaysia to train for 7 weeks, and about 70% of the total training was devoted to putting practice. I thought it was important to send it straight as I saw it, and I invested a lot of time. “Some days, I was so focused on refining my putt that I stayed on the green all day,” he said. Jaehee Kim recorded an average of 1.6 putts per hole with an average of 28 putts per round in the opening match of this season. He was 5th among all participating players. Last season, he averaged 30.5 rounds, which was noticeably better than last season, when he ranked 47th among tour players. Jaehee Kim said, “With my current sense, I want to win this season’s domestic opening game, the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship, to be held in Jeju on April 4th, and also to win the SK Shielders/SK Telecom Championship (November), which is my sponsor competition.” He added, “It’s my favorite golf course. “I definitely want to reach the top at the Hite Jinro Championship (October), a major tournament held at Blue Heron in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province,” he said with a smile. 토토사이트 추천

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