Ho Ilun appears as a candidate for ‘Jiwon-gun’

Interested in recruiting Real Madrid FW

While Manchester United is reorganizing its team around Jim Ratcliffe (71, England), it has started reinforcement work early for the next season. They searched for resources in Spain to recruit a striker and pointed to Hosselu (34), a veteran Real Madrid striker, as a resource to assist Rasmus Hoylun (21).

Spanish media “Lelebo” reported on the 28th (Korea time) that “two Manchester United executives left for Spain a few weeks ago. They met with clubs and agents with the aim of finding out the situation and preparing for the upcoming transfer market,” adding, “This behavior is common at this time. According to the information found out, one of the names Manchester United showed interest in is Hosselu.”

Last summer, Manchester United under Erik ten Hag (54, Netherlands) recruited Hoylun to reinforce their front-line attacks. It surprised everyone by spending 72 million pounds (about 122.8 billion won) on Hoylun, who had just started his big league career. At the time of recruitment, there was talk of “overconsumption”, but after a long period of adaptation, Hoylun became Manchester United’s main gunner by scoring several times.

Hoyloon showed a strong performance at the front line

With Hoylun fully attuned to the league, Manchester United have made plans to recruit a striker to back him up this summer. Manchester United are short of strikers to replace Hoylun if he can’t play. Marcus Rashford (26) or Bruno Fernandes (29) can fill the spot, but they need a professional striker to run the game smoothly.

Manchester United, which is currently exploring alternatives, first brought up Hosselu’s name. Hosselu, who transferred to Real Madrid on loan this season, has displayed his outstanding presence as a rotation resource. He played a key role in Real Madrid’s attack by scoring 13 goals and three assists in 38 official matches this season. He has displayed robust performance at the forefront, producing one attack point per 99.8 minutes.

Most of all, he has played in the Premier League in the past, making it easy for him to adapt to the league. “Manchester United wanted to know about his situation starting with the transfer fee,” Lelebo said. “Hoselu is a veteran player who meets the requirements with good physique, linked play and finishing skills. Moreover, he spent four seasons in the Premier League, and he knows the league.”

Real Madrid is likely to be fully transferred.

However, it is highly likely that Hosselu will completely transfer to Real Madrid after this season. When Real Madrid hired Hosselu, it added a provision for full recruitment that amounts to only 1.5 million euros. With the current performance, there is no reason not to move to a permanent location. Not only has manager Carlo Ancelotti (64, Italy) expressed satisfaction, but Hosselu is also very happy with Real Madrid.

Hostelu, a Spanish national team player, is a typical journeyman. Having grown up with 토토사이트, Celta de Vigo, and Real Madrid’s Castile, he became a Real Madrid player after playing for Hoffenheim, Frankfurt, Stoke City, Newcastle, Deportivo Alaves, and Espanyol. He has experience in various leagues and teams, as he transferred teams 12 times throughout his career, including loan transfers.

His career, which had been quiet in his twenties, finally began to burst in his thirties. After scoring double digits in the league for the first time in his career in the 2019-20 season while playing for Deportivo Alaves, he has continued to score goals. When he was late in his career, he was drafted by the Spanish national team, and at the age of 32, he made his debut goal for the national team, becoming the new fixer for the invincible fleet.

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