“It was disappointing, but it was fun,” says Jung on his first spring volleyball experience

Jeong Ho-young, 23, a middle blocker (outside hitter) for the Jungkwanjang Women’s Professional Volleyball Team, played spring volleyball for the first time last season. It was her first postseason in four years after making her professional debut in the 2019-2020 season, and while it ended in a one-game playoff (PO) elimination, she gained valuable experience and nourishment.

“I enjoyed the whole process, from qualifying for the PO to preparing for spring volleyball to stepping on the court for the first time in the postseason,” Jung, who traveled to Indonesia with her teammates at the invitation of the Indonesian Sports Fund and Management Agency (LPDUK) under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, reflected in an interview with The Joint Take Foundation on April 18 (local time).

“The team atmosphere was at its peak as we won seven games in a row at the end of the sixth round, and our physical condition was good, so we prepared for the final match with the desire to enjoy our first spring volleyball 카지노사이트킴 as soon as possible.”

Jung organized an ‘amplifier training’ to prepare for the enthusiastic support of their PO opponent, Heungkuk Life. The players set up four large amplifiers around the practice court and played the Heungkuk Life cheer loudly. The archers had to adapt to the cheering atmosphere as if they were practicing in a baseball stadium full of spectators.

The effect was clear. Although most of the players were nervous for their first postseason, they were not intimidated or confused by the crowd’s support.

“It’s hard to hear the crowd on the court, but it was definitely different in the POs,” said Jeong, “but I didn’t feel too shaken because I was well acclimatized to the amplified cheering. In fact, the amplified cheering (decibels) seemed to be louder. It helped me to calm down,” he reflected.

However, Jung’s spring volleyball experience was cut short when she suffered an unexpected injury in the first round of the POs.

“I had a lot of fun preparing for the postseason. I was in good shape, so I had high expectations. I was excited because I felt like everything was going to go well, but I should have been more careful.” “Unfortunately, after the first game, I had a bone bruise and couldn’t play. It was my first spring volleyball and I didn’t want it to end like this, but it was disappointing.”

“I don’t think I’ll be nervous now that I’ve experienced what spring volleyball is like,” he said. “Once I’ve experienced the postseason atmosphere, I want to do it again, and I want to be on a bigger stage (the championship). “I think volleyball this spring was a good motivation for me, even though it didn’t work out, it was fun,” she smiled.

Jung’s season is far from over. After a friendly against the Indonesian All-Stars on Tuesday, she will immediately rejoin the national team and begin preparations for the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) 2024 in May.

“I think winning is the best medicine for our players right now. The goal is to regain confidence and play a good game,” said Jung.

“I met Fernando Morales once before I came to Indonesia, and he seems to be a sensitive and warm person. I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Jeong also shared his resolve for next season. “When I do well, I do well, but when I don’t do well, I tend to fall apart. I hope to become a player with fewer ups and downs. I hope the team can do better than last year,” he said.

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