Kiwoom’s new closer, Joo Seung-woo, “The position I always dreamed of The advantage is direct delivery.”

Joo Seung-woo fights back

Kiwoom Heroes right-handed pitcher Joo Seung-woo (24) showed off his potential as a closer by protecting his team’s victory by one run for the first time.

Joo Seung-woo took the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with the team trailing 6-5 in the LG Twins game held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th.

Joo Seung-woo, who hit leadoff hitter Austin Dean with a fly ball, gave up walks to Moon Seong-joo and Shin Min-jae, putting him in danger of first and second base, but he kept the win by handling Oh Ji-hwan with a fly ball and Moon Bo-kyung with a ground ball.

Joo Seung-woo, who earned his first save in his debut against Gocheok KT Wiz on the 16th of last month, recorded his 4th save (3 losses) on this day.

In particular, the save on this day was more meaningful in that it preserved the victory by one point for the first time.

Joo Seung-woo, whom we met after the game, expressed his aspirations, saying, “Finishing is the position I’ve always dreamed of since I started playing baseball. I will show you how to grow even more.”

“It definitely seems like a difficult position,” he said, reflecting on the two walks that day, “I tried to throw too hard, so the ball either floated or went to the ground. I think I’ll have to throw calmly next time.”

Joo Seung-woo said, “The coach asks, ‘Why do you get so short of breath every time you count out?’” and added, “I keep taking deep breaths and trying to calm down.”

His strength is his fastball, which has risen to an average speed of 140 km/h ahead of this season.

Joo Seung-woo said he heard from Cho Sang-woo, the team’s “closer,” who said, “Your fastball is your strength, and your forkball is also really good when it falls low,” and recalled, “I remembered what my brother told me on the mound.”

Regarding the three hits he made that day, he said, “I threw with the thought that I had to finish it because there was no one behind me. Since I have a good fastball, I threw with confidence and the results were good.”

Joo Seung-woo, who said he liked the ‘final king’ Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung Lions) when he was young, expressed his aspirations, saying, “I want to have an arm that can play full-time for the first team without getting hurt. Next, I want to accumulate 10 saves and 10 holds.” 성인웹툰

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