‘PSG first training’ Lee Kang-in…Neymar and two-shot reality

‘PSG first training’ Lee Kang-in…two-shot reality with Neymar


PSG’s Lee Kang-In has been training with the first team since joining the club.

The club highlighted Lee, who trained with ‘superstar’ Neymar and others.

Reporter Kwak Jun-young.


After joining PSG, Lee Kang-in trained for the first time under Enrique.

After checking his physical condition, he greeted the players with a cheerful expression.

He then warms up by chatting with his ‘transfer teammate’ Luca Hernandez and fellow Valencia youth teammate Juan Bernat.

Neymar, the Brazilian superstar who switched jerseys after the round of 16 at the last World Cup, is now a teammate.

In a full-scale training session, Lee used his quick feet to play a two-on-one pass with his teammate, drawing applause from Enrique.

In the first pre-season training video, the club focused on Lee, showing how much they care and expect from him.

After the first training session, Lee expressed his excitement to grow with the best players in the world and help the team.

His teammates also expressed their excitement at the prospect of playing for such a prestigious club.

Hwang Hee-chan, who returned to his club Wolverhampton after a month-long domestic schedule, expressed his expectations and faith in Lee Kang-in, who has started a new life.

“(Lee Kang-in) has good enough skills, so there’s no doubt about it, and I think it’s important for him to adapt to the team quickly, so I think he’ll naturally perform well…”

Hwang Hee-chan has welcomed the recent overseas moves of his teammates, saying that more players with European experience will make Korean soccer stronger.

National team striker Cho Kyu-sung has joined Denmark, while Jung Woo-young of Freiburg in Germany has also finalized his move to Stuttgart.


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