Korea University Forward Jeong-Hyeon Moon as the First Overall Rookie

Professional Basketball KT selects Korea University forward Jeong-Hyeon Moon as the first overall rookie

2nd place is Korea University Park Moo-bin, 3rd place is Yonsei University Yoo Sang…

All of the ‘Big 3’ were called in the 3rd place.

Cho Jun-hee, who was born in 2004 and attempted to be drafted as an ordinary person,

was ranked 4th and went to Samsung.

Suwon KT, a professional basketball team, selected forward Moon Jeong-hyun (194.2 cm)

from Korea University as the first overall pick in the rookie player draft.

KT Wiz

KT coach Song Young-jin called Moon Jeong-hyun’s name as the first overall pick 카지노사이트탑

in the 2023 KBL rookie player draft held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 21st.

KT, which won the first pick in five years, selected a Korea University player in the first round for three consecutive years.

KT nominated Ha Yoon-ki in 2021 and Lee Doo-won last year,

so Moon Jeong-hyun will continue his career as a player with Korea University seniors.

Korea University fourth-year forward Jeong-Hyun Moon has already been recognized

for his skills enough to be selected as a member of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team.

He did not participate in the combine held last week due to the Asian Games national team schedule,

in the physical measurement conducted this morning,

his height was measured at 194.2 cm and his wingspan was 198 cm.

Moon Jung-hyun

Moon Jung-hyun is evaluated as having excellent ball handling and ability to read the flow of the game, as well as being versatile.

Last year, he led Korea University to victory in the Korea University Sports Council (KUSF)

University Basketball U-League and was selected as the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Moon Jeong-hyun said, “I am grateful to the KT team and coach Song Young-jin,”

said to her tearful mother in the audience, “Mom, don’t cry.

I will make you happy and make a lot of money.”

He continued, “I’m also grateful to (younger brother) Moon Yoo-hyeon (Korea University).

I would like to thank Coach Chu Il-seung, the gentleman on the court.

“I am also grateful and love the members of the national team who love me like the youngest.”

Moon Jung-hyun said, “There will be no one happier than me today,”

but added, “I will only enjoy happiness until today,

I will enjoy (greater) happiness by winning KT after the season.”

He expressed his aspirations.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis

Second-place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis selected Korea University guard Park Moo-bin (184.4 cm).

Park Moo-bin has a reputation as the best offensive guard who holds the ball for a long time,

his offensive ability to break through the opponent’s defense and his ability to manage the game are considered strengths.

Park Moo-bin was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP)

in the KUSF U-League finals with 17 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds.

Park Moo-bin said, “I am grateful to coach Cho Dong-hyun and the club officials.

I will succeed in the professional ranks and be dutiful to others without envy,” and pledged,

“I will not lose the trust of Hyundai Mobis, who nominated me in a high ranking.”

Yoo Yu-sang

Changwon LG, which had the third-place selection, called the name of Yonsei University guard Yoo Yu-sang (188.0 cm).

Yoo Sang-sang, who is considered one of the best big shooters, comes from a family of athletes.

Yoo Yoo-sang’s father is the coach of the women’s national soft tennis team, Yoo Young-dong (NH Nonghyup Bank).

Coach Yoo Young-dong was a star in soft tennis, winning five gold medals at the Asian Games during his career, including three gold medals at the 2002 Busan Games.

Yoo Yoo-sang said, “Thank you for choosing me for the team I wanted to join,” and added,

“I will go pro and fly across the KBL stage like an eagle (the symbol of Yonsei University) soaring in the sky with a humble and passionate attitude.”

As a result, the names of Moon Jeong-hyun, Park Moo-bin, and Yoo Yoo-sang, who were selected as the ‘Big 3’ of this draft, were all called within the top three.

Seoul Samsung

Seoul Samsung, ranked 4th, took Cho Jun-hee (187.2 cm), a student on leave from Cerritos University who attempted the draft as an ordinary citizen,

Korea Gas Corporation of Daegu, ranked 5th, took Korea University sophomore forward and center Shin Joo-young (199.4 cm).

Busan KCC, ranked 6th, selected Chung-Ang University guard Ju-young Lee (181.4 cm),

Wonju DB, ranked 7th, selected Dongguk University guard Seung-jae Park (178.3 cm).

Goyang Sono, the 8th ranked ‘new team’, called the name of Sungkyunkwan University guard Park Jong-ha (184.3cm).

Park Jong-ha is the older brother of Park So-hee of Bucheon Hana One Q, a women’s basketball player, and has become a ‘professional basketball family member.’

Dankook University

Seoul SK, ranked 9th, selected Dankook University third-year guard Lee Gyeong-do (185.1 cm),

Anyang Jeong Kwan-jang, ranked 10th, selected Dankook University forward Na Seong-ho (188.7 cm).

In today’s rookie draft, 20 out of 30 participants were selected as pros.

The nomination rate is 66.6%.

Last year, 42 people attended the draft and 25 were selected, resulting in a selection rate of 59.5%.

This year, 5 people applied for early participation, and 4 of them were finally selected.

Additionally, two out of three participants who attempted the draft as ordinary people were nominated by professional clubs.

Players selected in the first round will sign contracts for 3 to 5 years, players selected in the second round or lower will sign contracts for 1 to 3 years.

The highest annual salary for new players this year is 120 million won, the lowest annual salary is 40 million won.

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