The baseball Team that Went to the National Assembly

[Asian Games] The baseball Team that Went to the National Assembly blocked controversy by replacing Koo Chang-mo

Kim Seong-yoon and Kim Young-gyu were selected instead of Lee Jeong-hoo and Koo Chang-mo.

There is also a possibility of additional replacement of players who are not in good condition due to injuries.

October 23, 2018 was one of the most humiliating days in Korean baseball history.

Even after winning the gold medal at the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang,

coach Sun Dong-yeol appeared as a witness in the National Assembly audit

was interrogated by members of the National Assembly due to controversy over player selection. 온라인카지노사이트

In the end, Coach Seon voluntarily laid down the baton less than a month later,

former KBO President Jeong Un-chan, who made remarks that suited politicians

rather than protecting the coach, suffered a major blow to his leadership.

Koo Chang-mo

The baseball world that remembers that time blocked the controversy by replacing left-handed pitcher Koo Chang-mo,

who was not in perfect condition due to injury,

with left-handed pitcher Kim Young-gyu (NC Dinos) in the final entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On the 21st, the Korean Baseball Softball Association (KBSA)

Performance Improvement Committee and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO)

Strength Enhancement Committee excluded injured outfielders Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes)

Koo Chang-mo from the representative list and selected outfielders Kim Seong-yoon (Samsung Lions) and Kim Young-gyu to the final 24.

It was announced that it was included in the in-entry.

‘Healthy’ Koo Chang-mo is undoubtedly the pitcher who will take charge of Korean baseball.

He is a player who can be trusted and entrusted with selection for both arch-rival Japan and Chinese Taipei,

the biggest obstacle to winning four consecutive Asian Games gold medals.

Jamsil LG Twins

The problem is that he has not been on the first-team mound since the Jamsil LG Twins game

on June 2 due to muscle damage in his left arm (between the elbow and wrist).

As talk of replacing the representative player began to flow,

Koo Chang-mo belatedly made his comeback, albeit in the second team.

On the 19th, he took the mound against KT Wiz in the Futures (2nd team)

league and pitched 2 innings without allowing a run.

He had 27 pitches and a top speed of 145 km/h.

Koo Chang-mo expressed his determination to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games even as a bullpen pitcher,

but national baseball team coach Ryu Joong-il and KBO Power Strengthening Committee Chairman Cho Gye-hyun decided to replace him

because his pitching was not perfect and there was a risk of him getting injured again.

Rather than forcefully taking Koo Chang-mo, who was not in perfect condition due to his long injury absence,

Kim Young-gyu

Hangzhou instead selected Kim Young-gyu, who would actually be helpful to the team.

Kim Young-gyu has appeared in 59 games this year and is playing an active role

as the core of the NC bullpen with 2 wins, 4 losses, 21 holds, and an ERA of 3.34.

The Asian Games, where military service benefits are at stake,

is a dream stage for all professional baseball players about to serve.

The 18 months of military service during one’s prime as a player cannot be converted into money.

Unlike the previous baseball team that had caused a stir several times regarding the selection of players

who had not completed military service as representatives for the Asian Games,

this year’s Hangzhou Games made every effort to block the controversy.

KBO announced the replacement of Lee Jeong-hoo and Koo Chang-mo,

who ended the season with an ankle injury last August,

said, “We plan to make additional replacements if other representative players are judged to have decreased performance due to injuries.”

In addition to Koo Chang-mo, there are players who have difficulty playing properly in Hangzhou due to their physical condition.

Korea’s first game in this tournament will be against Hong Kong on October 1.

The deadline for player replacement is September 30.

Now, in order to replace a player, an injury certificate or clear evidence of injury must be presented.

It is known that Coach Ryu and Chairman Cho are considering whether to replace

some of the national team players who are not playing properly due to injuries.

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