New Jeans Come Out We Finally Meet After Shouting

The World Cup finals held in Seoul this weekend will feature teams from Korea and China.

 Attention is focused on whether Asian Games gold medalist Faker can write a new record.

A match where a fellow ruler with whom he had won gold at the Asian Games was the enemy.

Faker brought the team victory with a play that completely changed the flow.

With this scene watched with bated breath by 33 million people around the world, the Korean team T1 defeated China and advanced to the finals. 바카라사이트

The World Cup will be held in Korea for the first time in five years, and in the finals four days later

Faker will attempt to win his fourth championship

something no one has achieved in the history of the tournament.

[Faker/T1: I have a personality that I don’t like to lose, so competing with the best players is a lot of fun and improving myself in the process] Fans are looking forward to the opening stage of the finals as a meeting between New Genes and Faker

 I was completely addicted to the game for a few days. 

The character ‘Garen’ is easy to play. I’m not good at it, don’t expect much!]

The players, who had been waiting for this moment as eagerly as the fans, created another topic in the semifinals.

Keria/T1 (last 12th): Jingdong come out! New Jeans come out! Gocheok Dome, come out!]

[Minji/New Jeans: We were also watching the game when Keria said, ‘New Jeans, come out!’]

All tickets for the final match between Faker’s T1 and China’s WBG were sold out early.

Fans who couldn’t get tickets plan to cheer on the streets in Gwanghwamun just like the World Cup.

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