the Reserve Sergeant Heo Hoon Loyalty Toward his First Win.

Heo Hoon, a popular professional basketball star, joined his team KT immediately after discharge from the military. 

While still displaying his wit and eloquence, he showed his determination to win his first championship by working hard from the first day of his military service.

Heo Hoon visited the Suwon KT training center immediately after reporting his discharge from the Mungyeong Armed Forces Athletic Corps yesterday morning (15th). 안전놀이터

After saying hello to new director Song Young-jin,

[Song Young-jin/KT coach: Now that I have won 1,000,000, I should get good grades.]

[Heo Hoon/KT guard: I will try my best. Loyalty!]

After a long time, I visited the team cafeteria,

[Heo Hoon/KT guard: My aunt spilled eggs.]

I chatted with my teammates with my unique humor and jokes.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: (Director Song Young-jin) is scary because he approaches things in a rigid way. [A little bit of an old-fashioned style~]

As a popular star who came in first place twice in the All-Star fan vote, he felt like he was being discharged from the military by receiving a barrage of snacks and numerous gifts from fans.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: Can you see ‘Congratulations on the shining Hoon’s discharge from the military’? I would like some close-ups, please. Is it pure gold?]

Soon after, I worked hard from afternoon team training and prepared for my return to the professional stage, which was even more intense than my military days.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: I feel nervous and under a lot of pressure. I think we will have to work hard to survive the war (on the court).]

Heo Hoon, who will take the court starting from the home game on the 18th, promised to repay the expectations and support with his first win since the team was founded.

[Heo Hoon/KT Guard: We will set a big goal and repay the fans with good performances, so we would be grateful if you would always come and support us.]

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