Falls to 4th place in Asia in FIFA rankings

South Korea’s soccer team could slip to fourth place among Asian nations after a 1-1 draw with 101st-ranked Thailand in the Federation Internationale de Football Association FIFA rankings.

The South Korean national soccer team, coached by interim head coach Hwang Sun-hong, drew 1-1 at home against Thailand in the third match of Group C of the 2026 North and Central American World Cup Asia Second Qualifying Round at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Wednesday.

The loss against the underrated Thais puts South Korea in danger of being overtaken by Australia in the FIFA rankings, 바카라사이트 which will be released in April.

South Korea was ranked 22nd in the February FIFA rankings, the third highest among Asian Football Confederation (AFC) members behind Japan (18th) and Iran (20th).

Australia, ranked fourth, is just below South Korea at 23rd.

While South Korea drew with Thailand, Australia won 2-0 against Lebanon in Group I of the Asian Second Qualifying Round.

When the results of the two teams are factored into the FIFA ranking system, South Korea, which had 1566.21 points in February, loses 7.47 points to 1558.74 and drops two places to No. 24.

Australia, with 1554.82 points, gained 4.62 points to reach 1559.44 points and remain in 23rd place, ahead of South Korea.

South Korea’s tie with Thailand, which lost a lot of points, is due to Thailand’s FIFA ranking of 101, which is 79 spots lower than South Korea’s.

The bigger question is the Asian third qualifying round, which starts in September.

The 18 qualifiers will compete in three groups of six teams, with the top three Asian teams in the FIFA rankings receiving a favorable draw for the first port in the group stage.

If South Korea falls to fourth in Asia, 사설 토토사이트 they will be drawn with one of Japan, Iran, or Australia.

That’s why it’s even more important for South Korea to win its fourth away game against Thailand on June 26th. If they miss that, they have a very good chance of finishing fourth among Asian nations.

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