The sweat will have to wait for another time

The sweat will have to wait for another time. Once again, South Korean college soccer failed to break through the Japanese barrier. South Korea’s national team, led by head coach Park Kyu-sun of Hannam University, fell 0-2 to Japan’s national team in the 23rd DENSO Cup Korea-Japan College Football Regular Season match at Anyang Sports Complex on Thursday. With the loss, South Korea fell to 19 wins, 8 draws and 16 losses in the Korea-Japan regular season. The gap widened to 8 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses after the DENSO Cup reorganization.

South Korea was looking for revenge at home, having lost the last meeting between the two teams, 2-1, in September last year. It was their first home loss since the DENSO Cup reorganization. South Korea had been gritting its teeth in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, for the past 14 days.

Expectations were high. Kim Ho-gon, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s Football Love and Sharing Foundation, Park Tae-ha, head coach of the Pohang Steelers, Jeong Jae-woon, head coach of Gimpo FC, Ha Seok-ju, head coach of Ajou University, and Park Gun-ha, technical committee member of the KFA, 카지노사이트 were among the many dignitaries at the stadium. In addition, 1,872 fans were in attendance to cheer on the players.

Kickoff. South Korea came out of the gates disappointing,

Failing to register a single shot in the first 40 minutes of the match. South Korea used a series of substitutions to try and shake things up, but it didn’t have the expected results. Instead, they conceded back-to-back goals to Kotaro Uchino in the 10th minute and 25th minute of the second half. They tried to make up for the deficit, but their lack of finishing power resulted in a goalless draw.

Coach Park Kyu-sun said after the loss, “We didn’t show even one-third of what we had prepared. I’m upset. I think the players were nervous. I don’t think our players are not good enough. But each player has a role to play on the field. I think the Japanese players did a good job in that regard. They know what to do in their positions as a matter of habit.”

Korean college soccer has been criticized for being “dumbed down” compared to the past. “I think the difference is in the details,” Park said. I think it would be good to play more interchangeable games like this. I think the players’ nervousness will also improve. The players trusted me and prepared well over the past 10 days. I’m grateful for that. But I’m sorry that I lost because of my lack of preparation. I’m sorry that I lost because of my lack of preparation. I have to work harder, starting with myself,” she said.

Uchino, who led Japan to victory with a multi-goal performance

“The Korean team is very strong. We prepared hard. I’m glad we were able to win. I don’t think there is a difference in the level of Korean and Japanese college soccer. There are areas where Korea and Japan have an advantage over each other. I think it’s a good relationship that helps each other,” he said. He also scored in the men’s soccer final against South Korea at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year, 토토사이트 추천 just two minutes after kickoff. “My goal this year is to make the Paris Olympic team,” Uchino said. I was very upset when we lost to Korea in Hangzhou last year. The team is different, but we thought it was a revenge match and played hard,” Uchino added.

South Korea, meanwhile, have not won a single game in the tournament. They drew 2-2 in the Champions League (first- and second-year players) on Nov. 23 at Hyochang Stadium. The women’s college soccer team lost 1-4 in the Denso Cup.

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